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A former sex trafficking victim takes on a criminal sex trafficking ring to rescue a group of trafficked children.

When Layla finds out that children are vanishing off the streets of Miami just like she was, she can no longer wait for the authorities to do their job.  She suspects that many of them are on the trafficker's payroll.  So she and her “Sisters of Vengeance”, a group of women she has rescued off the streets,  go to work to identify the perpetrators and bring them to a painful and permanent end, rescuing the children they are holding captive.


Little does she know that the new head of the cartel is her own son who was ripped from her at birth in the brothel where she was enslaved.  Will she kill her own flesh and blood to rescue the innocent or will motherly love win out? Tough call, but she's a tough woman. Some consider her a folk hero others a vigilante but when is it wrong for a woman to defend her sisters in slavery? 

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